Maison répit Oasis Inc.


Business Number: 140340209RR0001

The Maison Répit Oasis is a community organization that was founded by parents in 1989. Established in Ville-Émard, the organization supports families with members who have special needs such as an intellectual disability and/or who are on the autism spectrum. Services offered by the home include a week-end respite service for people of all ages as well as an early stimulation program to enhance cognitive development in children.

The Respite Service

The respite service contributes to caring for family members with special needs as well as offering periods for resting and self-care for families living with the individual. Within a safe, inclusive, familial, and stimulating environment, the team of interveners organize and animate diverse activities inside and outside of the home. These activities cater to the social integration of the participants in society.

L'Envolée and Early Stimulation

L'Envolée is a program that offers early stimulation therapy for children from 0 to 5 years old who show signs of developmental delays related to an intellectual disorder, conduct disorder, language disorder, or autism spectrum disorder. Considering that a diagnosis is not required in order to receive services from l’Envolée, children showing a developmental delay can rapidly obtain services which are crucial during this period of their developmental growth, while waiting lists in public sectors are become longer and longer. Workshops included in the program involve support groups for parents, education to parents and accompaniment.

And More

The Maison Répit Oasis wishes to reinforce its collective intervention by fighting against the stigmatization of people with special needs through education and sensitization in the community.

For more information, you can call us at : 514 768-7161

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