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Our Mission

Conductive Education has a reported seventy percent success rate for children with Cerebral Palsy to learn how to walk, not to mention learning how to hold their heads up, how to sit up, how to feed themselves or become toilet trained.

The three to four week program can dramatically improve their motor skills and self esteem, developing self-initiative, problem solving and encouraging greater independence.

Through our fifteen years in south-western ontario, we have expanded to four centres. One in Chatham-kent, one in Sarnia-lambton, one in St. Thomas and in 2014 , we have expanded to Windsor

Our Trust seeks financial support from service groups, together with businesses, industries, corporations and individuals to fund the program. It cost about $2,000.00 to provide this program for each child. This includes the cost of special furniture that's fitted for the size of each child and necessary for the program. Only a $100.00 commitment fee is expected from the parents of the child, the remainder of the cost is covered by the trust, after approval of a completed application

We are a registered charity with Canada Customs and Revenue and have the ability to issue a receipt for any charitable donation.

Through the integrity and honesty of the board of trustees, the dedication and compassion of the conductors, the love from the children s parents, the enduring hard work from the children and the generous supports from all Canadians funding this worthy cause, we're confident our quest to help thousands of children in Canada with Cerebral Palsy will continue for years to come.

About swont optimist conductive education trust fund

What is the philosophy of Conductive Education?

Conductive education is neither therapy, treatment nor cure. It recognizes motor disorders as chronic conditions which result in problems of learning or relearning which will respond to appropriate teaching.

Conductive Education fully acknowledges that children or adults with motor disorders may have continuing medical needs, which will benifit from appropriate medical intervention. This does not deny the needs for teaching and learning.

Conductive Education asserts that there is much more to living and development than the medical and the social. There is the phycological too and, as in every sphere of human life, this is best addressed by education in its wildest sense. Further, as in all excellent education, the goal of Conductive Education is to create autonomous learners who go on to learn, adapt and develop under their own direction, because that is how they now are.

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