Calgary Public Library Foundation


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The Calgary Public Library Foundation empowers people to make a difference in their community.

All donations cultivate innovation and bring the Library to those who need it most. Since 2011, we have raised more than $60 million in support of the Calgary Public Library. Our 21,500 donors are helping to build a stronger Calgary.

The Library Foundation was created in 1999 to provide an opportunity for individuals, businesses and foundations to participate in building a library system for today and future generations.

More than a century ago, Annie Davidson and founding members of the Calgary Women’s Literacy Club stirred our city to action and secured the public and financial support to build the first library. They saw the Library as an investment for their families and generations of Calgarians that would follow. Andrew Carnegie’s donation of $80,000 in 1908 helped to build the Memorial Park Library and lives as a legacy of one of Calgary’s first large philanthropic gifts.

The Calgary Public Library Foundation is proud of these entrepreneurial roots and we are pleased to carry on this work today. Funds raised by the Foundation do not replace the Library’s core funding, but enhance collections, programs and services.

What People Are Saying

"The library is increasingly an incredibly important centre of community, not just for reading, but for all kinds of things—for people to feel and live and breathe the same air as their neighbours."

— Naheed Nenshi, Mayor of Calgary

"The Library provided a safe haven for me when I had nothing. I used the free WiFi and applied to jobs all day. I personally witnessed the value that the Library provides to the community. Thank you Calgary Public Library for not only giving me an opportunity but for helping me without judgement."

— Jindu Unbani, Library Foundation Donor

"Our modest income household struggled financially. To raise four kids we went without a lot. Yet at the public library we felt wealthy. I taught my children to read but the library showed them what could be read. Public libraries change the future."

— Bev Jaremko, Calgary Public Library Member

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