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Our Mission

At Sanctuary, we are becoming a healthy, welcoming community where people who are poor or excluded are particularly valued. This community is an expression of the good news embodied in Jesus Christ.


The most fundamental need of people on the street is something that most people take for granted: a meaningful place in a healthy community, and a sense of belonging.

For over 25 years, Sanctuary has striven to be a healthy, welcoming community that particularly values people who are homeless and living in poverty. Sanctuary’s philosophy is to seek out relationships with people who have been pushed to the margins of society, providing comfort and resources in the short term, and paving the way for a road out of chronic poverty in the long-term. The network of healthy, nurturing relationships that people build within the Sanctuary community has often been the deciding factor that has empowered them to pursue positive change, such as finding housing or employment, accessing treatment for chronic health problems, reconnecting with their families, or achieving sobriety.

800-1000 individuals come through our doors annually and 400-500 join us on a regular basis. About a quarter of our community members are homeless, and others are precariously housed, couch-surf, or live in subsidized housing.

Although we consider ourselves to primarily be a community- a place where people can be empowered  by healthy relationships and opportunities to take on leadership roles- we also offer many resources, including: a primary care clinic staffed with 2 registered nurses, a nurse practitioner, and visiting doctors; toiletries and shower facilities; clothing; therapeutic arts programming; two weekly meals; a women's program; sleeping bags and other winter survival gear; as well as extensive mentoring and advocacy support for our community members. We also operate a social enterprise bike shop called Switchback Cyclery (located on Queen Street East in Riverdale) that offers dignified employment opportunities to members of the Sanctuary community.

[*designated funds will be applied as directed by the donor. Funds given in excess of an approved or discontinued program will be applied at the discretion of the Board.]

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