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Forest City Gallery (FCG), founded in 1973 by a nationally recognized group of artists and musicians, is London's preeminent artist-run centre. Among Canada’s first artist-initiated art galleries, FCG was a catalyst for the development of artist-run culture in Canada and directly contributed to the conception of both ARCCO (Artist-Run Centres and Collectives of Ontario) and CARFAC (Canadian Artists’ Representation/Le Front des artistes canadiens). As a non-commercial gallery, FCG fosters contemporary art by promoting engagement among local, regional and international arts communities with challenging and engaging arts programming. FCG continues its original mission to promote the professionalization of visual and performing arts by paying artists in accordance with CARFAC’s internationally recognized standard of compensation for the exhibition of artworks and artistic performances.

FCG is a 1,600-square foot art gallery available to artists of all disciplines and career levels, with a focus on emerging (youth) artists. FCG is the only artist-run centre between the Windsor and Hamilton corridor, and it serves a population of over 439,000 in London-Middlesex as a primary point of contact for the arts. Our diverse programming includes exhibitions, artist talks, performances, workshops, and community outreach projects. FCG additionally contributes to the career development and professionalization of emerging artists, arts administrators, educators and advocates by facilitating educational skills training. FCG is proud to be a community-centric support system that fosters artistic agency and growth. In addition to its programming and skills training, FCG has made strong community partnerships within London, resulting in the erection of a new neighbourhood park, digital and print publication series, and a monthly live music performance series that continues to showcase Canadian musicians and performers.


Forest City Gallery (FCG) is an artist-run centre founded on artistic autonomy with a commitment to excellence in programming exhibitions and events that reflect and address recent developments in cultural production. FCG serves to foster and support contemporary art, promoting dialogue amongst local, regional, and international arts communities. FCG represents artists of all disciplines and career levels with a focus on emergent artists and practices.

Vision Statement

A thriving artist-run culture.

Mission Statement

FCG is an artist-run centre that fosters and supports contemporary art, promoting dialogue amongst local, regional, and international arts communities.

Value Statements

FCG strives to be an alternative exhibition and artist venue through providing diverse programming and educational skills training for artists, administrators, educators and advocates.

In order to remain inclusive, FCG emphasizes community engagement through facilitating both open access and ongoing dialogue with community members and partners.

FCG proves itself to be resilient through remaining adaptive to the challenges and struggles of the changing climate in the arts.

We provide a support system for artistic agency that fosters growth and criticality. FCG commits to be to be a formative platform for artists.

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