Business Number: 892028242RR0001

Our Mission

At VCF, we are a public charity created to help gather together community resources, thereby realizing the potential that exists when we invest in the vision of communities. Through the generosity of donors, and the expert contributions of our staff, our board, and partner organizations, we continuously strive to be a catalyst for transformation.

In simple terms, we accept charitable donations and manage them based on sustainable and responsible investment practices. We distribute funds out, primarily through grants to other charities, and throughout this process, we work hands-on with others to ensure the end result is always about more than just dollars and cents.

Our vision is fundamentally rooted in the vision of communities.

We want to see, and be an integral part of, thriving communities that are just and vibrant.

Our mission is to be a catalyst for transformation.

Using community economic development strategies, partnerships, and advocacy, we enable community change, capacity building, and well-being.

Everything we do helps build community assets.


*Our Strategic Programs focus on nonprofit social enterprise, community owned real estate, & collaborative approaches toward change. We provide advice, networking, advocacy, support, & educational materials.

* We work with donors, both individuals & charitable organizations, to establish donor advised funds. We provide assistance in selecting organizations or projects that match their interests & leverage new funding. We manage endowed & non-endowed assets in a portfolio of ethically screened investments.

* Through projects and partnerships we provide management services to other organizations & multi-funder collaborations.

* We provide evaluation of community impact, building capacity for nonprofit performance measurement, & research/tool development.

All told, we model a progressive approach to investing assets, making grants, & delivering programs with a focus on longer-term development rather than quick-fix aid. Together, more becomes possible.

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