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Our Mission

Homes First provides safe, affordable, stable housing and support services to break the cycle of homelessness for people with the fewest housing options.


There are over 8,000 people in Toronto without a safe stable place to live. Hundreds live “rough”--in ravines, stairwells or on the street. Hundreds more suffer with mental illness and addictions. This forgotten slice of our population, people who have been street-involved for several years and who have nowhere else to go, is where Homes First comes in.

Why a home is important...

With a home, people can be part of a community, obtain ID, register for social services and keep in touch with family and friends.

With a home, people gain respect, dignity and the ability to care for themselves and others.

The vast majority of homeless people – even those with severe mental health and/or substance use issues – can successfully stay housed and off the street when the right supports are in place.

Homes First not only provides basic housing but we go that extra step and provide support for daily life for our residents. This support – life skills training, counseling, employment counseling, food access programs, social service referrals – allows our men, women, and families to maintain their housing, and begin to work on those issues that are barriers to their integration into the community.


Everyone needs a home.

We were the first and remain one of the largest providers of non-profit housing for the homeless in Toronto.

Homes First Numbers:

•18 Buildings in 9 Toronto neighborhoods

•Housing 550 men, women, and families every night

•Helping the homeless for 30 years

The housing first approach was pioneered by Homes First 30 years ago. It is proven to reduce the cost associated with health care and justice system use; reduces emergency visits and hospitalization; reduces involvement with police and the criminal justice system and it increases long-term housing stability, improves health and addictions outcomes and improves quality of life.

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