Canada's Magnetic North Theatre Festival


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About Magnetic North Theatre Festival

Magnetic North is Canada's only national theatre festival. We play an active role in creating transformative, community-building experiences and opportunities for theatre makers, producers, and audiences across the country. 

Since 2003, Magnetic North has strengthened Canada’s theatre community both financially and artistically, by:

  • Promoting touring opportunities and networks across Canada and beyond
  • Increasing and improving artistic opportunities for theatre practitioners and audiences
  • Creating unique and meaningful professional development exchanges between theatre practitioners of all forms
  • Supporting Canadian theatre reach new audiences by driving interest in and demand for the work
  • Celebrating and developing Canadian theatre created by and accessible to communities across the country.

Magnetic North Theatre Festival has presented 136 productions to over 95,000 people, and we have travelled from Ottawa to 7 other Canadian cities: Edmonton (2004), St. John’s (2006), Vancouver (2008), Kitchener-Waterloo (2010), Calgary (2012), Halifax (2014), and Whitehorse (2016).

We are proud of our past. We are envisioning our future. 

Magnetic North Theatre Festival is currently developing a new operational model; one that evolves to meet the needs of theatre creators across the country. 

This new format will launch in 2019 and all fundraising efforts will support this unparalleled step for theatre creation across Canada!

What People Are Saying

"We have met so many peers over the years at Magnetic North, peers who have become friends, colleagues, and partners. It means that as Canadian artists we have a sense of what Canadian theatre is, and how it’s evolving."

— Anthony Black, Artistic Co-Founder, 2b theatre

"What amazes me most about Magnetic North is the diversity of the plays, the quality of the artistry and the beauty of the stories. I also love the energy of the Festival, the feeling that I'm participating in something really big and really important."

— Natasha MacLellan, Artistic Producer, Ship's Company Theatre

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