iSisters Technology Mentoring Inc.


Business Number: 874302714RR0001

Our Story

Since 2001, iSisters Technology Mentoring has been a leader in community-based technology learning and development.  Our education programs are designed and delivered to empower women (often young mothers) who may be unemployed, have limited education, and/or depend on government services for basic needs.

Our Mission

We create and deliver technology programs at no cost to learners as we believe in equipping women with the skills and confidence to participate fully in their community.

Our Vision

iSisters Technology Mentoring, a leader in technology learning and development, helps empower women in need to live better lives, create brighter futures and build stronger communities.

Our Values

Being Learner Focused

The importance of continuous development and growth is central to our organisation. We believe this applies to our students, our staff, our volunteers and our board. Our number focus is on our learners when making decisions.

Being Respectful

We encourage diversity within the organization. Healthy, transparent discussions are at the centre of this value as well as treating others with dignity and respect.


Our goal is to achieve outstanding results in our governance, our programs, our operations and in all our relationships.

Being Community Oriented

Community engagement and support are integral to our success. Through relationships we seek to understand and meet the evolving needs of partners and learners and continue to make a difference.

Being Accountable

We take ownership for our behaviour, decisions and actions. We make decisions and operate in a manner reflective of our goals and values. 

What People Are Saying

"The iSisters program offers women who are struggling with homelessness and unemployment a chance to dream."

— Sue Garvey, Executive Director, Cornerstone, Read More

"The iSisters partnership is offering a window of opportunity to facilitate high-tech skills while nurturing self-esteem and building confidence in students and teachers alike."

— Teaching staff at Youville Centre, Read More

"I have enjoyed being a participant in the iSisters program! It as been the best experience in my life, so I would recommend it to everybody. I have met so many experts in different fields that gave me good opportunity to interact and gain knowledge. "

— Malathy Thirumal, iSisters Graduate, Photo Voice Project, Read More

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