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Our Mission

The Domaine Enfantastique is a non-profit society that arises from the dream of persons like you, sharing a common goal. That goal is to offer, for free, a day-journey in a thematic adapted park for sick children, and their parents, regardless of their differences: origin, religion, riches or poverty, sickness or handicap.

A place that will be totally adapted, where we will unite in a supernatural domain filled with dreams, enjoyments, happiness, peace, brotherhood, friendship and delight, all these kids who suffer. Those we hope will be the adults of tomorrow. Together, they will live these moments of sun.

There are so many children, here, who are in terminal phase, handicapped, affected by incurable or invalidating diseases, and who will never have the enjoyment to realize their dream and this dream is more often than otherwise, a journey in the supernatural Walt Disney World, not to name it.

But we can, if we want, as Ste-Adèle’s: Au Pays des Merveilles and Val-David’s: Santa Claus Village did with an open heart, offer these children the chance to benefit from this magnificent site, which is a totally adapted paradise. And this without having to spend our Canadian money (converted in American, of course) and sending these small children far from their home in a complete foreign country or environment.

Of course, we cannot build another Disneyland, but we can together, offer them something different, something ingenious, something local, something magic, something to make them dream.

Can’t we not pile up, together, money with financiers, multinationals, public donations, sponsors, or even better your commitment, to realize the most beautiful gift, which we can offer to a sick child…HOPE.

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