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Our Mission

The Childhood Cancer Family Support Society - CCFSupport (formerly the BC Childhood Cancer Parent's Association - BCCCPA) is a registered non-profit charitable society whose mission is to help families from all corners of the province who have children with cancer and who are struggling financially by providing them with financial aid & support.

Each year in BC approximately 150 children are diagnosed with a life-threatening cancer and 350 are on treatment at any given time. Many childhood cancers are being cured, yet we still lose many children. Despite the extreme adversity of facing an uncertain future and often an uncomfortable and debilitating therapy, these children are an inspiration of hope and courage. They bring smiles to peoples' faces and beauty into the world.


Dr. Paul Rogers, MB,


About CCFSupport (formerly BCCCPA - BC Childhood Cancer Parent's Association)

Since 2002, CCFSupport has helped families struggling financially with a child with cancer by providing them with Financial Aid. CCFSupport’s Directors are made up of parents of children going through cancer, have gone through cancer treatment, or are bereaved parents of children with cancer in the past and include close personal friends that understand the difficult journey that families endure.

At CCFSupport, we:

- Fundraise to enhance the quality of life for children with cancer & their families.

- Advocate for research into childhood cancer.

- Raise awareness & support for children with cancer & their families.

- Represent parents of children with cancer from all across BC.

- Lobby Provincially & Federally for improved support to parents.

- Promote transparency & accountability from organizations who raise support for children with cancer & their families.

CCFSupport works with BC Children’s Hospital, Surrey Memorial’s Pediatric Oncology Dept. & Victoria Generals' Pediatric Cancer Ward. Families in need are recognized and determined by social workers at the hospitals.

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What People Are Saying

"We raced to Children’s Hospital as my child had a large mass in their chest. My social-worker approached me with a cheque from you & I cried. This'll help for medication, gas money & a few bills. When this is over & I’m working, I'd like to help a family one day. Sincerely, _________________. "

— A Family supported by CCFSupport (formerly BCCCPA), Read More

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