Registered Name: STERI-ANIMAL

Business Number: 857135503RR0001

Mission Statement

STERI-ANIMAl is dedicated to the responsible and humane control of companion animal overpopulation. Our mission is to prevent unwanted felines from being born only to suffer abuse, to die in pounds or to spend their lives in overcrowded shelters.


STERI-ANIMAL receives no funding or subsidies from any level of government. All the money we collect for sterilizations, vaccinations, and other preventative veterinary care comes from donations by the general public or from our fundraising events.


Founded in May 2003, STERI-ANIMAL is a non-profit, charitable organization run by volunteers. We promote sterilization to humanely reduce the overpopulation of community (stray and feral cats) in and around Montreal.


Specifically, we sterilize community cats. We financially assist people of limited means to sterilize their own cat(s). We collaborate with communities and cat rescue groups to sterilize community cats. We test community cats who are suspected of carrying the feline viruses, FeLV and FIV. We vaccinate vulnerable community cats against the three most prevalent feline infections (panleucopaenia, calicivirus and viral rhinotracheitis). We raise funds for our sterilization and vaccination programs through art shows, bowl-a-thons, garage sales, and other events. We host a web-site ( to promote the sterilization and wellbeing of cats. We provide educational material on reducing cat overpopulation and on feline health issues.


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