Unity Project for Relief of Homelessness in London


Business Number: 859628851RR0001

“homelessness is a crisis that a person experiences – it does not define the person."

Unity Project offers a home-like shelter and supportive housing environment for adults and youth of all genders. Life skills are embedded in participatory programming, where participants have personal accountability for cooking, cleaning and day-to-day maintenance – taking care of themselves, each other and community.

Frontline Support staff work with all individuals in the moment and manage a housing support plan for individuals staying 14 days or more. Our Housing Stability Program provides more intensive and in-home stability supports for those experiencing chronic and persistent homelessness.

Unity Project works to make a stay at our shelter as comfortable, productive and as short as possible. We shelter 50-60 individuals nightly, and provide over 100 episodes of drop-in support daily. We provide services and supports to over 1000 individuals annually across all programming.

Our job is to divert people from shelter wherever there is opportunity, to provide in-the-moment stability for those in crisis, and to empower each participant in their own process toward housing, while engaging every available community resource.

Sometimes that resource is YOU.


· Emergency shelter - short-term stays of up to 30 days (longer if needed)

· Crash beds - nightly stay with meals on a first-come-first-served basis

· Drop-in - immediate supports for basic needs and ongoing case-supports

· Supportive Housing - Private, rent-geared-to-income rooms with case-management support

· Housing Stability Program - Intensive case-management to help those experiencing chronic and persistent homelessness to obtain housing, with in-home supports to help maintain stability and achieve well-being in the community.

· Volunteer Program - partners with schools, colleges and universities, to aid with student vocational training in the helping professions and to bring deliver advanced supports to our participants

While we are London’s littlest shelter we are perhaps Canada’s largest participatory shelter and what we lack in an economy of scale we make up for in an economy of better outcomes for the individual and for our community.

Sometimes it takes a little support, sometimes it takes extended support over time and beyond our shelter walls. It does, however, always take a community and compassion. We get by on the support you give!

What People Are Saying

""Give a man a fish, he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish......thats what unity project does. Helping to teach people to live again. Not sure if I, or many others, would be alive if not for them. Keep it up.""

— Participant - Community Life Skills Program

"This program has given me peace of mind after a life altering experience. Jen empowered me. She gave me tools and knowledge, and the compassion and encouragement I needed. With her guidance I have the spark of life again…Thank you so much! "

— Particpant - Community Life Skills Program

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