The Canadian Centre for Gender & Sexual Diversity

Registered Name: Canadian Centre for Gender & Sexual Diversity/ Le centre canadien de la diversit

Business Number: 863207981RR0001

The CCGSD works to eliminate all forms of discrimination by providing programming to schools, governmental and non-governmental organizations and businesses across Canada, promoting diversity, inclusion, and anti-discrimination, reaching over 250,000 people annually.  We are also a proud leader in the International Day of Pink, engaging millions of people in wearing pink and to run programs that stand up to bullying. We encourage you to find out more about CCGSD & the International Day of Pink, and get involved in making your community a safer and more diverse place.

The CCGSD has numerous programs to target a variety of communities across Canada, including a variety of topics. 

Education: The CCGSD has numerous workshops for youth and educators that promote diversity, inclusion, anti-discrimination and anti-bullying, including Gender and Sexuality 101 and Intersecting Identities, and Queering Sex Education. We offer workshops with arts-based learning, such as Singing in Solidarity. 

Sports Inclusion: The CCGSD provides workshops to athletic facilities to challenge homophobia and transphobia in sports, as well as increase awareness of 2SLGBTQ+ issues in athletics.

Conferences: The CCGSD organizes many conferences across Ontario, as well as across Canada, for youth and educators that centre around creating safe spaces in school communities, as well as visibilizing queerness in school curriculums. 

Commemorate Canada: Within the last year, the CCGSD has travelled across Canada to discuss queer history with students and teachers in high schools through the Commemorate Canada/Our History Campaign.

Positive Space Training: The CCGSD enters government and non-governmental organizations and facilitates workshops on creating safer spaces for diverse communities within the workplace, targeting and eliminating workplace discrimination.

International Day of Pink: Through our long-standing International Day of Pink Campaign, the CCGSD creates and provides posters, merchandise and resources to teachers and students across Canada, encouraging them to wear pink to combat bullying and discrimination, specifically homophobia and transphobia in schools. 

Pozitivity: In 2019, staff from the CCGSD travelled across Canada to numerous Pride festivals through the CCGSD Pozitivity campaign, pairing with U Equals U to raise awareness of and combat stigma surrounding HIV/AIDS within, and outside the queer community. The second part of the project, known as the Slay Stigma Campaign, involved staff travelling with Ru Paul’s Drag Race contestant Trinity K. Bonet in a nation-wide drag tour, raising awareness of stigma surrounding HIV/AIDS.

Join us in our work to create diverse and inclusive environments for youth, community members, and service providers across Canada. Your donation enables us to continue offering subsidized programming across Canada, allowing us to work with remote and rural communities.  Visit our website to join our mailing list, and follow our social media to stay up-to-date on our nation-wide programming. 

What People Are Saying

"The CCGSD gave me the tools I need to run a successful GSA and engage people in my schools to stop using homophobic & transphobic language. They literally gave me the tools to make my school a safe place to be. "

— Alexandra

"After going to the GSA Forum, I met a community of people like me. For the first time ever, I met other LGBTQ youth who get called names too. Thanks to this experience I am seeing a counsellor and getting the support I need, and I have a few friends too. "

— Josh

"After going to a CCGSD conference, I met Lukayo, who showed me that I was not alone. I am the first out trans student at my school and while I have felt alone at time, the support from Jer's Vision helped me access health services, set up a GSA and create a gender neutral bathroom. Thanks "

— Alex

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