The Canadian Centre for Gender & Sexual Diversity

Registered Name: Canadian Centre for Gender & Sexual Diversity/ Le centre canadien de la diversit

Business Number: 863207981RR0001

As a leader in anti-discrimination work, CCGSD runs programming all over Canada and the United States. Because of our hundreds of volunteers, we are able to reach over 250,000 people annually. We are also a proud leader in the International Day of Pink (, engaging millions of people in wearing pink and to run programs that stand up to bullying. We encourage you to find out more about CCGSD & the International Day of Pink, and get involved in making your community a safer and more diverse place.

CCGSD Mission Statement

The Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity aspires to support and transform Canadian and indigenous communities from coast to coast to coast in a shared vision of a discrimination-free gender and sexually diverse world.


The Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity was established to support and empower work happening on a collaborative and/or collective level between and within territories, provinces, and nations of peoples such as Canadians, First Nations, Inuit, and Métis. This support comes in the form of educational and arts-based initiatives, research, and resources for schools and communities, ranging from a full day of workshops with ongoing support to week-long training forums with integrated year-long projects as part of its deliverables. The International Day of Pink is part of this programming, where we provide learning kits that make wearing pink a catalyst for change. Lastly, complementary programs facilitated by our Youth Advisory Committee, such as our grants, awards, and scholarships, continue to celebrate the ongoing work already being done in hundreds of communities daily.

Join us in celebrating the International Day of Pink, and get involved in making your community a safer and more diverse place.

What People Are Saying

"The CCGSD gave me the tools I need to run a successful GSA and engage people in my schools to stop using homophobic & transphobic language. They literally gave me the tools to make my school a safe place to be. "

— Alexandra

"After going to the GSA Forum, I met a community of people like me. For the first time ever, I met other LGBTQ youth who get called names too. Thanks to this experience I am seeing a counsellor and getting the support I need, and I have a few friends too. "

— Josh

"After going to a CCGSD conference, I met Lukayo, who showed me that I was not alone. I am the first out trans student at my school and while I have felt alone at time, the support from Jer's Vision helped me access health services, set up a GSA and create a gender neutral bathroom. Thanks "

— Alex

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