Recreation for Life Foundation


Business Number: 897229100RR0001

Our Mission

The Recreation for Life Foundation, as a province-wide organization, envisages:

"A province and communities within, that embrace and proactively use recreation and parks as essential means for enhancing individual well-being and community vitality, economic sustainability and natural resource protection and conservation."

About Recreation for Life Foundation

The Recreation for Life Foundation is a registered charity and provincial not-for-profit organization whose primary purpose is to receive, manage, distribute, invest and administer bequests, endowments, trusts and other financial programs. The purpose of the Foundation is primarily to support the activities of ARPA (Alberta Recreation and Parks Association).

ARPA is a provincial not-for-profit, charitable association. ARPA strives to build healthy citizens, their communities and their environments throughout Alberta. ARPA programs include children's play & nature; Communities in Bloom and Active Communities to name just a few.

The Recreation for Life Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors and who are publicly and corporately influential in the advancement of recreation and parks development in Alberta.

The Recreation for Life Foundation’s Honourary Patron is His Honour, the Lieutenant Governor, the Honourable Norman L. Kwong, CM, AOE.

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