Business Number: 805044542RR0001

Our Mission

Kids Up Front Foundation Toronto is a registered charity that provides access to arts, culture, sport and recreation for children who otherwise would not have the opportunity by distributing unused tickets, classes and passes.

About Our Charity

Kids Up Front is dedicated to improving the lives of vulnerable children by including them in their community through exposure to arts and culture sport and recreation. Kids Up Front provides free access for 75,000 people made up of children and families facing barriers each year.

Key benefits of the Kids Up Front program are:

  • For CHILDREN, Kids Up Front provides new opportunities that engage and inspire. Kids Up Front allows ALL children to participate and feel included which is critical to human happiness.

  • For FAMILIES, Kids Up Front gives parents\caregivers a break from challenges at home and allows them to feel valued by having the means to give their child a special experience.

  • For COMMUNITY AGENCIES, Kids Up Front decreases pressure on child-serving organizations and enhances services by providing much needed arts, cultural and recreational opportunities for the youth they are committed to.

  • For our CITY, Kids Up Front provides the connection between empty seats and deserving audiences. Kids Up Front is allowing those typically excluded to enjoy what our city has to offer.

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