The artsREACH Society

Registered Name: The ArtsREACH Society

Business Number: 863881074RR0001

Our Mission

artsREACH was created with the goal of providing the highest quality visual and performing arts training to young children, regardless of their financial means.

To reach the children who would benefit the most, workshops are delivered without charge in public elementary schools, with a focus on those schools with a high percentage of children from lower-income families.

About The artsREACH Society

Research has shown that an involvement in the arts increases a person's capacity to think critically and act independently -- skills that are important to an individual's ability to contribute to our community. A quality education in the arts is often expensive and therefore inaccessible to the children who may benefit the most. Through artsREACH, those children who are least likely to have access to an education in the arts are able to benefit from the critical life skills that are learned as part of the artsREACH workshops.

Trained artsREACH instructors lead 90-minute drawing, painting, dance, film, and theatre workshops in public elementary schools.

Through these workshops, children develop artistic and creative skills in a positive learning environment; improve their self-confidence and self-esteem; develop teamwork, communication, and personal management skills; and gain an appriciation for the arts.

What People Are Saying

"Without funding, programs like this are not offered in our schools and children may never have these rewarding experiences. I support artsREACH and hope that funding continues and this program is offered every year at Savory."

— B. Johnson, Principal - Savory Elementary School

"We know that you are putting our annual donation to very good use, inspiring young people to become more connected to their communities and possibly inspiring them to turn to the arts for their livelihoods. "

— P. Gardiner-Harding - Executive Director, playsthatwork inc.

"Many of our students are vulnerable learners and lack the experience and confidence to fully benefit from regular instruction. Programs such as this provide students with the opportunity to build confidence and gain successful experiences at school, that will enhance their educational progress."

— L. Burley, Principal - Tillicum Elementary School

"One of the most successful aspects of the artsREACH workshop was total engagement of the students. Some of the children, who are usually quite reserved, were really sparkling with this activity."

— J. Konkle, Grade 1Teacher - James Bay Community School

"The painting workshop at James Bay was one of those "golden" workshops, where the value of what we do through artsREACH is so significant. The teacher and the principal were astonished by a particular student, since she is usually shut-down and non-participatory. She produced an amazing piece!"

— J. Chadwick, Visual Arts Instructor

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