St-James Drop-In Centre


Business Number: 874803794RR0001

Our Mission

The St-James Drop-In Centre offers a safe and supportive environment where those who are marginalized and/or homeless can experience community to its fullest. The Centre seeks to be a catalyst for the flow of creativity, compassion and empathy.

About St-James Drop-In Centre

Since October 1985, the St-James Drop-In Centre on the third floor of St. James United Church in Montreal has catered to people dealing with combinations of issues related to homelessness, mental illness and addiction.

The St-James Centre creates an environment where its members feel safe and comfortable in a community where they can have their physical and mental needs addressed. The Drop-In tries to provide genuine acceptance with individually-tailored programs seeking to enhance the quality of life and unwavering advocacy and representation.

The bonds of warmth and affection among members are remarkable. There is a real sense of family that comes from spending so much time with the same people and it is the kindness, support and help that members, volunteers, and staff extend to each other that allow us all to make the St-James Drop-In Centre a place where people can truly feel "at home".

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