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URGENT:  Hurricane Matthew destroyed 5 houses, fruit trees & crops leaving serious food and water shortages in St. George.  Our founder, Louise Noël, sends reports when she  gets a signal.  Thank you for your kind generosity and ongoing support.

Our Mission

Mission Statement

La Fondation des foyers Angèle is a Canadian registered charity committed to helping to relieve the poverty of children in need around the world.

The Fondation’s vision is to help children grow to become responsible and strong adults within flourishing communities.

- We strive to provide basic food, clothing and health care.

- We provide education.

- We support the children within their community.

- We respect the desire of our donors to have their support delivered as directly as possible.

- We are transparent, honest and accountable in managing the affairs of the Fondation.


Donations to the Fondation des foyers Angèle help and support families in Haiti -- with a focus on educating children and recently, helping families with the devastation they are now facing due to Hurricane Matthew.

We are all volunteers and our overhead is minimal.  All monies go directly to the needs of the children and families we support through our agent on the ground.

What People Are Saying

"I visited their houses and they are full of mud. Children are sleeping on the floor. There is water in the house. Some of the children are sick - one has diarrhea. Some don't have food and can't go to school. Several buildings are destroyed. There is a long of hardship."

— Louise Noël, Founder

""Two of the children we support are not well due to heart problems, and one of them cannot afford to go to the hospital. I told Louise that donors are willing to give a bit more because of all the problems caused by Hurricane Matthew. (October 2016)"

— Danielle Allen, Board Member

" 500 photos later...we see happy smiling people. I have remarkable photographic proof of the universality of smiles, photos and human friendships - never mind the language or nationality (March 2011) "

— Jeanette Arsenault, Co-Founder "The 500 Club"

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