Nev Foundation

Registered Name: Nev Foundation

Business Number: 802030015RR0001

Our Mission

NEV FOUNDATION is a new grassroots registered charitable organization committed to honouring the memory and legacy of Brent Richard Neville (Nev) through donations and assistance to Community Organizations and Educational Institutions.

About Nev Foundation

In memory and in lasting legacy of Brent Richard Neville (Nev), his family was inspired to build a masterful foundation, Nev Foundation. The foundation emanates their sons caring and giving nature as well as it reflects his gift of humanitarianism. It is built on the fun of giving back and the kindness of helping community projects, families, fueling educational scholarships and a list of valuable local and national charities.

Their Goal is to Reach Far and Touch Many in Brent’s honour and to make sure his short is not in vain.

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