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IISD Experimental Lakes Area (IISD-ELA)

Registered Name: IISD Experimental Lakes Area Inc.

Business Number: 850309576RR0001

2019 IISD-ELA Holiday Giving Campaign

Campaign Ended Jan. 5, 2020

Every year we welcome almost 20 undergraduate and graduate students for what is often their first professional gig at a real science facility.They get to conduct our unique brand of freshwater science themselves, learn first-hand from world-class scientists, and pet many, many dogs.

In the words of Pauline Gerrard, our very own Deputy Director and a former student, “That first job at IISD- ELA changes people. They arrive as students and they leave as freshwater scientists.”

Maybe you were one of these young people.Chances are, if you’re reading this email, that you at least know one of them.

But we cannot continue to nurture the freshwater guardians of tomorrow without the support of our IISD-ELA family today. It’s thanks to YOUR generosity that we can keep the world's freshwater laboratory thriving. Please give generously to keep our fresh water clean and healthy.

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