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imagineNATIVE Digital Pivot

Campaign Ends Dec. 31, 2020

About the Digital Pivot

imagineNATIVE has long valued creating opportunities for Indigenous expression across film, digital, radio and new media platforms. In response to COVID-19, working with our team and key partners, we’ve created an online Digital Pivot that includes free shorts programs, live stream Q&A’s with artists, panel discussions with filmmakers and video game creators, web arts exhibitions as well as screenwriting and video game workshops through the Institute and our Digital and Interactive departments. Additionally, we’re working with community partners to offer free screenings of our Tour programs where possible throughout Canada. Central to the success of this pivot is collaborating with our members and with organizations already connected to their subscribers, students or patrons through online services.

The Digital Pivot includes our annual fall Festival, which will be delivered online for the very first time. Although we are disappointed we won't be able to gather in person, holding our Festival online where members of our communities all across the country can join is an exciting prospect. 

We envision our Digital Pivot programming to continue beyond this year's Festival as we adapt to our altered society.

Our Ask

As the epicentre of Indigenous media, we’ve witnessed how lack of representation impacts not only a sector but the consumers of its products. Negative and inappropriate representations of Indigenous people in film and television has directly contributed to racist, imbalanced and stereotypical views of Indigenous people, dividing our otherwise accepting nation. Indigenous people have internalized these narratives as all-encompassing truths, resulting in increased rates of addiction, suicide and violence.

Ensuring positive and self determined storytelling across all mediums exists is imperative in correcting this history. This includes supporting content creation across all digital platforms, and online interactions that value the suitable, creative sharing of Indigenous knowledge, perspectives, culture and languages. This work continues to build upon our efforts to create a more united and reconciled country.

It is our responsibility to support established and upcoming storytellers in all mediums, remaining nimble as the situation requires. Indigenous storytelling has been an integral means of sharing values, teachings and knowledge. Through our Digital Pivot, we are responding to topics that have long been top of mind, questions around access, barriers and community needs. We are also laying the foundation to meet the needs of artists and audiences in more remote locations in Canada and internationally. We are hopeful that through this pandemic, we can gain insights and bolster greater access and representation, inspiring change that invites even more voices into the film, media, tech and digital sectors.

Our current Digital Pivot is essential not only in allowing us to do our important work today, but also to ensure that we do not repeat history, excluding Indigenous voices from the current reality and safeguarding space for our future.   

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