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40 for 40

Campaign Ended Dec. 31, 2018

40 for 40

Forty years ago the Edmonton Presbytery of the United Church of Canada saw that something was missing in the inner city. Despite the many agencies offering social services there was no one providing a ministry to the spiritual needs of the community.

Forty years ago the members of the Edmonton Presbytery asked themselves - "If not us, then who? If not now, then when?"

And thus forty years ago was born Inner City Pastoral Ministry, dedicated to providing a presence in the inner city. From day one the mission of the ministry was:

"Guided by the spirit of God, we walk with the people of the inner city of Edmonton."

And here we are in 2018 - celebrating our 40th anniversary! Our ministry is now provided on an ecumenical basis by the United, Anglican, Lutheran and Roman Catholic churches, along with the support of more than 90 congregations, parishes and faith groups.

We are thankful for the multitude of volunteers, supporters and donors who have made this ministry possible over the four decades of our existence. Without your interest and commitment this ministry would not have continued. Thank you!

Now we turn our attention to the future - to ensuring that we are able to continue to be a strong presence in the inner city for many years to come, indeed even for another forty years. We ask you to join us in making that possible, by making a donation of $40.00 in honour of our 40th anniversary.

We have set a goal of having 1,000 supporters each providing a donation of $40.00 during the course of this year. What a boost to our ability to be God’s servants in the inner city that will be when we achieve that goal! Please be part of our journey this year with your prayers and with your donation.

John Campbell, Chair of the Board of Directors

Rev. Rick Chapman, Pastor, ICPM

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