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Inside Out


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Save LGBTQ Community Programming!

Campaign Ended Sept. 23, 2019

WE'RE DOWN TO THE LAST HOURS... And we're so close!

Remember that for this final stretch of the campaign you can DOUBLE your gift! 

We received a matching gift offer during this campaign from a generous Inside Out member - and this means your gift will be matched dollar for dollar. If you haven't yet given, please do so now. And if you have already given - thank you!  Please consider pitching in once more to help us leverage the most from the funding match offer.

THANK YOU for supporting LGBTQ+ community programming!


Why are we are running this campaign?

Provincial cuts to arts and culture funding are having a deeply negative impact on our LGBTQ communities. We need your help right now to keep vital community-based programming intact. 

The province has cut $161,000 from Inside Out's current funding and while we are working hard to bridge funding gaps, this loss threatens initiatives such as Inside Out for All which provides free program access for newcomers, seniors, youth and others. The cuts also threaten the development of our Online Platform with free LGBTQ media resources set to launch later this year.

The cuts represent over 10% of Inside Out's total budget and there are likely more cuts to come in 2020 - Inside Out's 30th Anniversary Year.  The reality is that our LGBTQ communities haven't seen cuts this deep since the first few years of Inside Out's existence... we've come too far to let this stop us!

With your help, Inside Out made it through then - and will make it through again

If you believe Inside Out is essential to LGBTQ arts, culture and community, we need your help now to keep it strong. Please consider a one-time special donation of $50, $100 or whatever amount you can afford so that Inside Out can deliver critical LGBTQ programming as planned this fall. 

Many thanks for all your support - 

The Inside Out Team

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