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Inspire Community Outreach

Registered Name: Inspire Community Outreach Inc.

Business Number: 830697231RR0001

All Kinds of Minds in Schools

Campaign Ended Feb. 16, 2019

Donate $50 and send 2 books to schools anywhere in Manitoba!

Give the gift of mental wellness, inclusion and create conversation about disability where it's needed 💓

Kinds of Minds is a book created with and for children who live with differences, including neurological or psychological differences like ADHD, Dyslexia, PTSD, Autism, anxiety, depression and others. This book invites children, youth and the community that supports them to talk about these disabilities in an normalizing and positive way.

The book features local youth’s own words. Ex. “My mind can sometimes get stuck on things.  It’s great when I get stuck on things I LOVE!”

Created for children 8 and under, and to support educators and caregivers, profits and donations towards this project will allow the book sent to benefit children all over Canada.

Watch it on YouTube HERE

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