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Inspire Community Outreach

Registered Name: Inspire Community Outreach Inc.

Business Number: 830697231RR0001

In-Home Family Stabilization Unit

Campaign Ended Feb. 1, 2019

Families are struggling and Angela Taylor, CEO and Founder of Inspire Community Outreach has found a solution, by inviting families to the table. "I know what it is to be in distress, and as a mother of 4, I have been there myself. We need to work together to alleviate the pressure families that include children with disabilities and complex behavior or neurological differences face."

The In-Home Stabilization Unit (click for more information) is for families that include children aged 3-29, whose needs are not currently being met through existing social services and mental health systems, supporting families to flourish in their homes and communities. We are prioritizing families not currently receiving supports, children not diagnosed with a disability, youth recently aged out of support, where levels of distress are high.

This comprehensive and holistic program supports all areas and aspects of family need, focusing on family strengths and challenges, to help each individual within the family thrive not just within the home, but in the community.  

    • Practical In-Home Support for All Family Members
    • Therapeutic Connection and Resiliency Building for Children and Caregivers
    • Expanding Knowledge of Caregivers Through Psycho-Education
    • Community Outreach Programming

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About Inspire Community Outreach

Inspire is an incorporated charity providing evidence and culturally informed, family-centered education and programming, designed to meet the needs of those living with mental health issues and neurological/cognitive differences. Supporting Youth and Families with Unique Challenges, Celebrating Strength. We are both lead by and for our community.

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