Registered Name: International Charity for Africa ( ICAFRICA ) Inc.

Business Number: 874091242RR0002

Our Mission

Our mission is to Reduce the number of People living in Extreme Poverty in Africa, by financing and coaching the enterprising poor to work their way out of poverty, as quickly as possible.

About Our Charity

We are a registered Canadian charity based in Ottawa Ontario. We are fully involved on the ground in Africa, in helping poor families leverage their potentials through agriculture or micro-enterprise. This enables the breadwinners of these families to begin to earn better incomes with which to take care of their children’s needs in food, housing, healthcare, education, water and other economic necessities. ICAfrica provide the basic economic assistance that energizes local enterprising women and men to grow their income generating activities and begin to earn enough with which to take care of their families, going forward. Your donation is very important for the success of our work. Let us give poor people who are already making the effort to get out of poverty, an avenue to work their way out.

For more information about ICAfrica, please visit our website: http://www.icafrica.com

What People Are Saying

"We have the opportunity to affect the most change with the resources that we have "

— By Derek Lothian, Read More

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