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International Widows and Orphans Fund (iWOF)

Registered Name: International Widows & Orphans Fund Society

Business Number: 804153336RR0001

Sponsor an After School Teacher for 1 Month

Campaign Ended Jan. 1, 2019

When new children are welcomed into the Orphanage, in many cases they are illiterate and have not received any formal education. Add to that class sizes of up to 45 students, and there is no room for individual student attention. With your generous donation, a (primary/secondary) teacher will be available 5 days per week after school to ensure that no children are left behind, receiving the additional help required to not only catch up to their peer group and stay in school, but work towards performing in the top 10% of their class and earning grades that will allow them to pursue a post-secondary education.

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