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Let's add a brick to the Great Mosque of Quebec

Campaign Ends June 30, 2020


The Great Mosque of Quebec (GMQ) is present since 2008 in the Muslim community of Quebec City, estimated at 15,000 people. It plays a role at the forefront of the religious and spiritual fulfillment of hundreds of adult members celebrating ritual prayers in its enclosure, in addition to some 350-400 children who regularly come to learn Quran and its language, as well as Islamic values. While helping build fraternal relationships and solidarity in the Muslim community, the GMQ has always been opened to our fellow non-Muslim Quebecer and Canadian citizens to inform them on Islam and Muslims.

 Security Enhancement

 Since the tragic event of January 29th, 2017, the improvement of the security of people going to the GMQ has become the highest priority. That is how major expansion works have been initiated on October 9th, 2019, in order to reinforce the GMQ’s security, notably: 

  • Protect the GMQ’s main façade by replacing windows with masonry walls;
  • Add two more emergency exits (ground floor and basement);
  • Establish buffer zones allowing smooth and quick evacuations.

 Increased Accommodation Capacity

 These construction works will also allow an increase of the accommodation capacity of the GMQ, to better respond to the growing needs of our community. These expansion works will therefore provide more space and mobility for prayers and other educational, social and cultural activities, which will allow to decently receive everyone during Friday prayers, Ramadan and other important activities. More specifically, the following extensions will be achieved: 

  • A multi-service space in the basement that can accommodate 80 people. This space can be converted into 2 classrooms for the children with a total capacity of 40 children;
  • An additional space in the ground floor’s prayer room to welcome 120 more members;
  • 3 classrooms for children on the first floor, which corresponds to a total capacity of 60 children.

Your Generosity Matters

 With a cost of $1,180,000, this expansion project of the GMQ will last until June 30th, 2020. We count on your kind generosity.


Your generosity makes a difference.

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