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Island Crisis Care Society

Registered Name: Island Crisis Care Society

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More Room For Hope

Campaign Ended Dec. 31, 2019

Better spaces, better care, better community. That is the goal of the "More Room for Hope" campaign. All funds raised through this campaign will go directly to the capital costs associated with doubling the size of Samaritan House to better serve women in Nanaimo who are fleeing abuse, in need of shelter, or looking for support. 

The existing Samaritan House is overcrowded, outdated, and not accessible for people with disabilities. The expanded facility will provide a better space:

  • Flexible model will allow bedrooms to be used for shelter or supportive housing, depending on the need.
  • Environmental design will increase safety and improve community.
  • Thoughtfully planned spaces will reduced crowding, increase opportunities for learning, and make it easier to sort donations.
  • More meeting rooms will allow health workers to meet privately with women, and volunteers to provide services.

 As well it will provide better care:

  • The added space will include better storage to organize supplies, staples, materials and resources.
  • A staff room will allow employees to have a break from the high paced life inside this busy frontline facility.

 And better community:

  • The improved shelter will do more than provide warmth in the winter, a place to sleep, and a place to eat; it will also influence the people who live and work there with it’s functionality and aesthetics. When you change the space, so much more changes...

Pre-development is complete, A development permit is in hand, and we are currently obtaining information on BC Building Code compliance for the existing building. We also are completing a comprehensive hazmat assessment, and an accurate cost estimate.  

We need your help with the cost of construction!

Thank you for donating to this important effort.

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