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Island Integrated Counselling

Registered Name: Vancouver Island Integrated Counselling and Community Services Society

Business Number: 862569951RR0001

Client Assistance Program

Campaign Ended April 30, 2018

Help turn a life around!

Our Client Assistance Program (CAP) helps make professional therapy accessible to all persons, regardless of income, by encouraging client donations and topping up with CAP funds, thus ensuring sufficient funding to secure qualified therapists. The therapy experience is goal-oriented, practical and brief; this best-practices method obtains a maximized benefit to the clients in a short period of time (from one to fifteen sessions). Therapy is available for individuals (max 5 sessions), couples and families (max 15 sessions) and is for urgent, brief counselling.

The program is open to any adult, youth, or child, including couples and families, regardless of age, ability, ethnicity, gender, religion, income or sexual orientation.  The facility is wheel-chair accessible. The most typical issues we address with clients are relationships in distress, depression and anxiety.

Community Benefits:

If fully funded about 250 people (individuals, couples and/or family members) will make significant improvements, leading to:

  • More productive lives, including improved grades, career advancements, enhanced relationships
  • Better functioning marriages and families leading to a more stable society, lowered costs to other programs, and other measurable benefits
  • Future generations are more likely to create healthy, respectful relationships and employment
  • Health (owing to reduced stress and increased number of options), lowering costs to the health care system[1]
  • Fewer lost work days; improved workplace productivity

 Over half of the residents living in the Mid-Island area are unable to afford professional counselling. Referrals come from our supporters such as the community mental health team, social services, the Crisis Line, other therapists and agencies, and especially by word of mouth. We are teamed with Volunteer Nanaimo and the Nanaimo School District (Community Schools program).

[1] Studies have shown that professional therapy for frequent users of the health care system significantly lowers the number of accesses, and cost, to the health care system.

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