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The right information saves lives. Help us stop Ebola.

Campaign Ended Oct. 30, 2019

Help us fight misinformation on Ebola in the DRC

Concerned about an Ebola outbreak that just keeps growing ?

YOU can help mobilize local journalists and communities to build trust in Ebola treatments and spread accurate information about Ebola in the DRC.

Last spring the World Health Organization declared the outbreak in the east of the DRC an international public health emergency. Since then, we’ve seen over 2500 cases, and a 67% fatality rate with women and children disproportionately affected.

JHR is working with its local partner, the École Technique de Journalisme, and local journalism networks on awareness raising and public engagement.

We are aiming to raise $25,000 to support these activities. Join us and donate! You can also help by sharing this message with your friends and family, and sharing our messages on social media.

Misinformation about the epidemic has been a major obstacle hampering efforts to fight the spread of Ebola. Conflict is another. In the eastern part of the DRC, conflicts have raged on and off for decades now, leaving very limited government and little physical infrastructure such as roads and hospitals. Rural areas are especially vulnerable, cut off by armed militias who block health workers’ access in their ongoing struggles for control of territory. 

Rural populations have little access to healthcare or accurate information about how to fight the disease. This has lead to distrust of health-care and international responders, and ongoing suspicion of authorities due to ongoing conflicts. False theories denying the existence of Ebola, or claiming that either international aid organizations or the government created Ebola for financial or political purposes are pervasive. Communities in affected areas are regularly bombarded with rumours and misinformation. 

JHR will leverage its experience in effectively raising awareness about human rights to positively influence public opinion and knowledge on the Ebola outbreak.

Thank you for helping us to tell real stories that can save lives. 

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