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Just Friends Food Bank


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Campaign Ended Sept. 30, 2019

Just Friends Food Bank And Community Resource Centre ~ Donations Welcomed!

With the help of some very generous donors, land by the Stanley Agricultural Society, and a building plan designed just for us by a talented local lady, we have built a new food bank!! While the food bank section of the facility is essential to provide food security to struggling families and individuals in our service area, the remainder of the building will serve multiple purposes. It is our vision for this space to be a community resource centre serving families and individuals with modest incomes, and focusing on food security, community support, wellness, community networking and education.

As we set up the interior space, our budget is tight. If you would like to help us purchase some of those essential items, we would be very grateful: Equipment for the kitchen, sturdy shelving and proper sorting tables for the food bank, office and boutique equipment, and all those little things needed when you move into a new building ~ they just seem to add up!

We appreciate your support! 

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