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Please continue to help children with cancer

The world is reeling. We imagine you are, and we are too. Kids Cancer Care serves families every day who live in a state of isolation and fear from any sort of contagious bug. This pandemic is pushing those fears to unbelievable heights and we are watching the world walk in those same footsteps. It’s overwhelming.

Despite it all, our mission is one of HOPE and we must continue to offer our kids and families hope that they can continue to catch up at school, move muscles that don’t want to move, connect with other kids and families in similar situations and so much more. Our programs are more important than ever as our kids who thought they were enduring the worst fear possible have seen it escalate. We are rapidly moving as many of our programs online as possible, starting with our tutoring and PEER (Pediatric Cancer Patients and Survivors Engaging in Exercise for Recovery) programs.

Kids Cancer Care is funded entirely by donations from community members and rentals of our camp. We have never received, nor do we expect we will receive, government support in this crisis. In this quarter alone, $730,000 of expected revenue from donations, fundraising events and Camp Kindle rentals is drying up.

There will be a post-COVID-19 world and Kids Cancer Care must come through this crisis and onto the other side, ready to double our efforts to support children with cancer who are fighters, survivors and our bold future leaders.

Please continue to help children fight cancer.We know you are facing your own fears and uncertainties right now, but if you have the ability, please help us ensure we are still supporting children with cancer for years to come. There are three crucial ways you can help:

1. Become a monthly donor and make a small impact for our small fighters every month.

2. Give immediately online to be our hero of the day in these dark times.

3. Start a virtual fundraising initiative to offer hope to kids living in fear of the effect of COVID-19 effect on their fragile bodies

For 190 kids diagnosed with cancer each year in the province, Kids Cancer Care is a lifeline that must continue to support them today, tomorrow and for years to come.

Thank you for being with us in this vital work,

Christine McIver, M.S.M., LLD (Hon), CFRE

Founder and Chief Executive Officer