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Knights Table

Registered Name: BRAMPTON 9235 OUTREACH CORP

Business Number: 132503731RR0001

Give 30

Campaign Ended June 23, 2020

Join Give 30 a grassroots movement inspired by Ramadan to help vulnerable families and individuals living in poverty! Give 30 is about everyoneregardless of faith or background. The movement is about caring for our neighbours and making a difference together.

 Please support Give 30 during the month of Ramadan so we can fight hunger in our communities.  

 To learn more about the amazing work and inspiring stories of compassion and hope please visit

Ramadan takes place from April 24 until May 23, 2020.

Knights Table

There are so many people who come to Knights Table looking for a helping hand – they come from all walks of life and all have moving stories about how they came to need our services. The stories we hear, many heartbreaking, make it clear that Knights Table is a vital thread in the fabric of our community. It is, in fact, a place of smiles, friendship, dignity and above all Hope.

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