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Regina Transition House Inc.

Registered Name: Regina Transition House Inc.

Business Number: 130167232RR0001


Campaign Ended Dec. 31, 2018

Domestic violence is epidemic in Saskatchewan; Help Regina Transition House to #ChangetheStory  

Saskatchewan currently has the highest rate of reported incidents of domestic violence in the country.  Regina Transition House has seen a steady rise in the number of women and children coming to shelter over the past two years and 90% of these people had to first be put on a wait-list.

The increase in need for our shelter is a serious concern, and we are determined to fight the trend by offering programs to reduce inter-generational violence.  Our strategy includes addressing the root causes of violence through on-site counselling, cultural and spiritual programming and education and outreach for children who have been exposed to family violence.  

Regina Transition House is working to raise awareness of and educate people about intimate partner violence.  By doing so, we hope to reach those who may be at risk and support them as they change their story.  Our mission is to ensure that Women and Children Live Violence Free, and this mission drives the work at our 24/7 Crisis Line, emergency safe shelter, and outreach services.

Please help #ChangetheStory 

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