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Campaign Ends Dec. 31, 2020

Our children are the future of humanity. The Tibetan Children's Camp in Parkdale, Toronto this summer will help over 100 of these children bridge the gap between their culture and our country. Help them become the community and change-making leaders we need them to be.  For six years now, Karma Sonam Dargye Ling has sponsored a Tibetan Heritage and Language Camp, for children ages 7 - 18. It runs for seven weeks each summer. The first year we had thirty students, recently the numbers have grown to almost 100. The camp was originally held on KSDL property, but when the number of students grew too large, we applied to The Toronto District School Board and now classes are taught at a school in the Parkdale area which is in the heart of the Tibetan neighbourhood in Toronto.

At the KSDL Tibetan Heritage Camp, the students primarily study the Tibetan language, but also learn meditation, an introduction to Buddhist philosophy, and Tibetan song and dance. The camp takes place from Monday to Thursday in school classrooms, and on Friday the students are taken on a field trip excursion to places such as Sunnyside pool, Toronto Island and High Park, where they have a picnic lunch, play games, and enjoy meditation in a natural setting.

The camp runs daily from 9 am to 3 pm. There are four teachers, four teaching assistants, and a coordinator who helps with registration and overseeing the running of the school.


This camp is invaluable for the preservation of Tibetan culture, language and religious studies. For Tibet, a country-in-exile now for almost 60 years, the training of children around the world is of the utmost importance in ensuring that the traditions of this rich and vibrant culture are not allowed to disappear. Karma Sonam Dargye Ling is committed to doing everything we can to make sure that Tibetan children today have the opportunity to learn, explore, and carry on these historical traditions,including, primarily, the preservation of the Tibetan language.


We are asking for contributions toward the cost of school supplies, class excursions, and meals and stipends for the teachers and assistants. There is also a need for matching t-shirts for the students to wear on Friday outings, for identification and safety purposes. Please help us, if you can, in supporting this worthwhile cause. Your financial donation is tax deductible. The students really love the camp and the gratitude of the parents and the Tibetan community is enormous. Your contribution would be undeniably one of the best things you could do to support the Tibetan community and the future of Tibetan culture in Canada and throughout the world.

At the end of every summer KSDL holds a graduation ceremony for the students and their families. The children, dressed in traditional Tibetan costumes receive awards for outstanding accomplishments. Customary Tibetan sweet rice and tea is served to all. Each year, we have invited local politicians and Tibetan community leaders to attend and deliver congratulatory speeches to the students and their families. Last year,proud to show off their new skills, the students performed several traditional Tibetan dances to the absolute delight of the audience. The graduation ceremony is a day of great joy and hope. We invite you to attend. It will warm your heart. We invite you to help make all of this happen.

Thank you, in advance, for your assistance. May your generosity bring great blessings!

Tibetan heritage & language camp costs:

$50 pays for the books for two children

$275 pays for the camp shirts & school supplies for 10 children

$90 allows 5 children to go on field trips to the Ontario Science

$2250 gives one of four teachers & teacher assistants a living wage 

$2,500.00 pays for textbooks

$500.00 pays for insurance

$600 pays for their graduation ceremony

$7,694.00 pays for Contingency @ 20%

Total costs: $34, 164

$5 raised out of $30,000 goal

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