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Coco's Place Foundation

Registered Name: La Fondation Place Coco / Coco's Place Foundation

Business Number: 855211629RR0001

Help Build our Future Home

Campaign Ended Jan. 3, 2020

Just like our students, the Little Red Playhouse is always growing! And with new partners and friends on board, the goal of a new and improved home for LRP is closer than ever! 

The Little Red Playhouse is a bilingual preschool offering programming for children ages 2-6. Our preschool program places great emphasis on academic learning, social skill development, healthy active bodies, and creating a stimulating and welcoming environment for all children, including those with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). We offer small class sizes and engaging programming to meet the needs of all students. About 50% of our students have a diagnosis of ASD or Language Delay, and they are fully integrated into our classrooms and programming.

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