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Increased ACCESS (Animal Care and Community Empowered Safety Society)

Registered Name: Increased Animal Care and Community Empowered Safety Society

Business No: 853050904RR0001

We help Indigenous, remote and underserved communities access animal care resources that help keep everyone happy, healthy and safe.

Increased ACCESS (Animal Care and Community Empowered Safety Society)


Increased ACCESS (Animal Care & Community Empowered Safety Society) is an Indigenous-led, change-making organization dedicated to animal well-being and overall community safety.

The current state of animal well-being and related community safety in rural, remote and Indigenous communities includes the fact that dogs are still being culled in many areas (some of these areas are not as remote as many people may think), while children are being mauled at alarming rates (20 to 200 times higher on-reserve than in non-Indigenous communities in Canada). Other communities have sick and dead, unwanted cats and puppies laying in their streets that attract wild predators and increase human/wildlife conflict risks.

How is this possible in Canada when hundreds of millions of governments and donated dollars are being spent on animal care and controls every year? And this is in a country that has had urban and provincial SPCAs operating for well over 100 years.

Animal-related resources like funding and infrastructure have not and are still not being distributed equally between urban and rural communities, nor between predominantly non-Indigenous and Indigenous communities. Without these resources, the 150-year status quo of animals and human residents suffering in rural, remote and Indigenous communities will continue.


ACCESS and its partners aim to disrupt this inequitable status quo by being the catalyst for the federal and provincial governments, and large non-governmental organizations, like SPCAs, to include more perspectives, particularly Indigenous perspectives, in animal-related policy and resource allocation decisions to make rural, remote and Indigenous communities safer for everyone. 

At the same time, ACCESS will work with rural, remote and Indigenous communities to enact solutions, like developing animal-related rules (bylaws, Acts, etc.) and enforcement services, increasing access to affordable, non-profit, mobile vet services, education programs, etc., so that everyone feels safer to walk around their home communities.





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