Quebec underserved pet's friend

Registered Name: L'Amie des Animaux Défavorisés du Québec Inc./Québec Underserved Pets Friend Inc

Business Number: 833731193RR0001

Mission : Paying veterinary care for pets of homeless or low-income people. Because these people shouldn't have to abandon or euthanize their friend just because of a lack of money. We're the only organization in Quebec helping them. But we can't do that without you!

Kafka story : Kafka was a female cat. She had a bump on her neck. Lacking money, her owner asked volunteering veterinaty students. They gave her pills. It seemed to work, as the bump disappeared. But since they were volunteering students, they couldn't run tests. short after ending pills, the bump was there again, with a second one. Kafka's owner found our organization and called us cuz not only they were scared of the bumps on her neck, but she also had seizures almost knocking her unconscious every time, her owner having to save her each time. She needed help, quickly. We took her to the veterinarian hospital, where they analyzed the liquid in her neck bumps. We discovered it was a mushroom, maybe caused by the building they were living in. The veterinarian gave her medicine, but it was too late : her seizures were caused from neurological damage, she stopped eating, and she died 2 days later. If her owner have had money to run tests the first time, or found our organization sooner, maybe she would still be alive. So we need your help to save animals like her, who need veterinarian care without having to wait until their owners get enough money. Please help us saving them. Thank you!

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