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On February 29th a kind Samaritan came into the shelter carrying a box covered in blood. Inside was a severely injured orange tabby cat who had been found on the side of the road. It is unknown how long he had been suffering for. LAPS staffer Lina knew this cat (now known as Lennox) needed immediate medical attention and rushed him to Brookswood Animal Hospital.

Dr. Carey and the amazing team at Brookswood examined Lennox’s extensive injuries. They initially suspected this poor tomcat had a badly infected abscess however after further exploration, they discovered something much worse. Lennox had shards of metal embedded in his broken cheek bones; He had been shot.

Lennox required immediate surgery to remove his eye and repair what little tissues were left on the side of his face. We are very happy to report that the surgery was a success and Lennox is recovering very well at the vet hospital! This formerly homeless tomcat is now pain free and once he has completely recovered, he will be ready to find his #fureverhome. The team at Brookswood affectionately nicknamed him “Sir Purrs A lot” because he can’t stop showing his love and appreciation.

You can be a hero to community cats like Lennox. Donate today to support our lifesaving work in the community. Any contributions are greatly appreciated. Sadly, many of the feral and free roaming cats that call Langley home are not as lucky as Lennox was. This speaks to our ongoing efforts to address cat overpopulation in our community.