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TRANSFORM LIVES! Help Provide Daytime Support

Campaign Ends March 31, 2021

TRANSFORM LIVES!  Help Provide Daytime Support!

$150 will provide one individual with intellectual disabilities with one-to-one support for one day. Join us as we transform lives.

Kathy has been a core member living in a L’Arche Toronto home for about seven years. Before that, she lived at home with her mother whose support needs increased and whose mobility decreased with the years. Kathy’s mother was no longer able to take Kathy out as often as before and didn’t have the energy for social activities. As is common in many families, the roles were reversed and Kathy began to assume the role of caregiver. By the time her mother passed away, Kathy was isolated in her apartment and her social network had been reduced to immediate family only.

Soon after, Kathy was introduced to the L’Arche Toronto community and it was an instant fit! She was welcomed with open arms and quickly developed friendships in the community. Within a few months her social calendar was busier than ever before.

Kathy flourished as a person and witnessed the transformative power of community. She was supported  with care and friendship through her transition, and it showed. The community was able to meet Kathy where she was, with patience and acceptance, and because of this experience, she was able to choose to participate in a fuller life.

Kathy opened up to new possibilities. During her first summer with L’Arche, she went to a cottage for vacation, something she had never before been able to do because of some anxieties. She came back talking enthusiastically about the pond, the scenery, the walks and the board games.

Kathy’s days and nights are now full of meaningful activities. She participates in the Sol Express creative arts and performance programs and in regular community activities.

Earlier this year, Kathy experienced some health issues of her own and needed to be hospitalized. Once again it was the L’Arche Toronto community that was with her every step of the way. She received countless visits from other core members, assistants and supporting members of the community. After a lengthy hospital stay and rehab ending in June, Kathy was thrilled to be able to join a group for the annual core member holidays. 

For 45 years, L’Arche Toronto has brought to life the vision of Jean Vanier, where people with and without intellectual disabilities share life in community along with a wide circle of family, friends, and neighbours. Inclusive community participation dramatically improves the quality of life of someone with an intellectual disability. In fact, it is truly transformative. We hope you agree and will give generously today.

Your support will enable core members like Kathy to benefit from specialized transportation, one-to-one support and a very vibrant community life.

Here’s how you can help:

  • 1,000 will provide a one week holiday trip for one of our core members
  • $560 will provide one person with Sol Express programming for half a month
  • $238 will provide an individual with specialized transportation for one week
  • $150 will provide one individual with one-to-one support for one day

Please take a few moments to make a donation. If you haven’t already done so, please consider making yours a monthly gift that will strengthen and sustain our programs on a regular basis and also reduce our administrative costs.

Your donation will help provide inclusive community opportunities. Thank you for making L’Arche Toronto a community within the community, working with others to create a world where everyone belongs.

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