L'Arche Toronto


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Foster a Vibrant Community Life

Campaign Ends March 31, 2019

A vibrant community life sets L'Arche communities apart!

Foster a Vibrant L'Arche Toronto Community in the GTA Community! Your gift of $200 will support an evening of shared spirituality in one of the four homes in the L'Arche Toronto community. At L'Arche a wide circle of community members contribute to the community's well-being and connection. 

People with and without intellectual disabilities share an extraordinary life in community filled with welcome, celebrations, traditions, togetherness, rhythm and belonging!

Welcome We invite and welcome others with warmth and friendship.

Celebrate We create and enjoy wonderful celebrations of everyday life and of special occasions.

Traditions Our daily, weekly and annual traditions bring us together in meaningful ways. 

Togetherness We enjoy spending time doing things and communicating with one another to build togetherness. 

Rhythm Our daily life flows at a comfortable pace.

Belonging We are nourished by the giving and receiving of community life.

To foster a vibrant community life we raise funds for celebrations, orientation and development of servant leadership skills,  retreats, community weekends, spiritual life and contributions to the world-wide L'Arche community through sharing and conferences.

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