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Visual Generation

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What’s the project?

It’s been 10 years that the Centre d’artistes Voix Visuelle has been in action in the francophone art milieu of Ottawa… Today we must think about the future, and how to have lasting impact on artistic practices. Passing the baton to the next generation is a long-term project involving a multitude of measures, especially for a minority community.

A large part of these measures rally around a well diversified artistic program of local and international artists, and dissemination and training activities (these latter both artistic and administrative). Voix Visuelle has the ambition of continuing to develop the following activities, which train young people, and instil the values they need to build themselves. We have a strong belief in the capacity of young people to change society. For this reason, these initiatives are indispensable to foster continuity.

The exhibition Generation Numeric, for example, has had since six years the goal of inviting the cosmopolitan, creative young people of the National Capital region to show their work in our space and to meet established artists of our region ! Questioning new issues of our society linked to the numerical media development, we want to enrich the public debate giving the voice to an emerging artists generation.

Each year we also organize training workshops for art students, notably those of the Franco-Ouest College, but also workshops for everyone, in video editing, digital pinhole photography, and so on, organized by established artists of the region.

Furthermore, the Centre is going to develop the virtual reality into his place ! Thus, we bring up to date our capacity of intervention with young artists providing them the new technological advance into the field of numerical art. The galery will organize community activities open to everybody where the virtual reality is going to be available, accessible and share with the public. People present to the gallery will be able to, under the work team supervision, experiment and act into the three-dimensional space !

OurCultural Days, our potlucks, and our openings aim to encourage meetings and networking between youth and professionals, creating quality ties of reciprocity, and the sharing of expertise and the ineffable.

Finally, the awards presentation of Young at Art, in collaboration with the city of Ottawa, rewards the work of young artists who demonstrate a true creative potential in digital art.

After so many years of action and investing, the crossroads of generations occupies now a prominent place in our projects. But we still cannot pronounce “mission accomplished”; Voix Visuelle must constantly strive towards the integration of the upcoming artistic generation.

All the funds raised by this campaign will be used directly to finance and continue to develop activities leading to these intergenerational encounters at Voix Visuelle.

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