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LeadingTone is an artist-run not-for-profit charitable arts organization with a mandate to: originate, develop, promote, produce, perform and/or exhibit interdisciplinary works of art uniting all or some of: music, voice, theatre, dance and visual arts; to educate the public; and further inter-cultural and environmental awareness and understanding amongst people of all ages, socio/cultural and economic backgrounds. 

LeadingTone promotes unity in diversity through interactive installations, exhibitions, performances, workshops, story-telling, song and inter-cultural dialogue. 

LeadingTone was founded in 1991 by Artistic Directors Amanta Scott and David Tomlinson. In 1993, the artistic directors brought together as founding members of Leading Tone Arts Productions Inc. a group of persons dedicated to the success of the Leading Tone project, including the late Canadian composer Harry Somers and the late ethicist, educator and businessman Max Clarkson, as well as a number of professionals committed to the arts, who went on to become directors of the corporation.

In 1994, Leading Tone Arts Productions Inc. was granted Letters Patent by the Government of Ontario as a not-for-profit corporation and in 2005 was granted status as a Registered Charity. Operating on a project-to-project basis, LeadingTone develops strong community partnerships.

LeadingTone is based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, with outreach to the global community. Installations, exhibitions, performances and workshops have been presented across Canada, Japan, in Hong Kong, Puerto Rico, Singapore and Taiwan.  

We cultivate, inspire and energize new audiences to recognize that Art is in the Experience. 

Most recently LeadingTone partnered with Museum of Northern History, Kirkland Lake, to present Parallel Lines - an interactive art installation and social engagement project by Amanta Scott. Accompanying workshops were conduced both on and offsite in partnership with Canadian Mental Health Association, Cochrane Temiskaming; Beaverhouse First Nation; and Kirkland Lake District Composite School. 

LeadingTone also conducted workshops with Rexdale Community Hub, Toronto, for newcomer Canadian young mothers speaking Farsee, Spanish, Urdu, Arabic, Hindi, French and English.

In conjunction with other solo exhibitions by Amanta Scott (at National Gallery of Canada, Royal Ontario Museum, Edmonton Art Gallery, Art Gallery of Algoma, Thunder Bay Art Gallery, etc.) LeadingTone has conducted arts workshops for marginalized youth, women, disabled, refugees, newcomers, seniors and general public, reaching over 40,000 visitors, students and special-interest groups.

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