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SunShine for Everyone...send a Kid to Camp

Campaign Ended July 1, 2018

Why we need your help ...the issue. 

  1. Learning Disabilities (LD’s) are the most common form of disabilities in Children. The Ontario Ministry of Education has identified that LD’s make –up 43% of all disabilities among their students.
  2. 35% of students with LD drop out of high school - twice the rate of their non LD peers
  3. Children with ADHD experiences an astonishing half million negative, coercive, oppositional interchanges each year.
  4. Children with LDs/ADHD are most stigmatize if they have mild social skills disorder.
  5. Parents of children with learning disabilities reported school struggles 3 times more more than average.
  6. Children with ADHD have 2.8 times greater risk for language, reading and math processing.
  7. LDAO-C staff receive calls daily from parents, educators and other professionals on how to best assist children/youth with LDs and/or ADHD. (over 1500 calls and requests annually)

How we plan to make a difference...Your Investment. SunShine Day Camp Program 

Our programs will enhance cognitive development, learning styles,  self esteem, communication skills, self-control, problem-solving and build successful peer interactions that empower children to succeed in school, at home and in everyday life.

Cognitive and Social skills are reinforced and modeled throughout all of our structured, non-competitive and fun-filled activities including: mindfulness exercises, arts & crafts, music, sports, and more.  Our goal is to help children understand not only the skill being taught, but its importance and how they can apply them to school and life.

Participation in programs when school is out helps children/youth to develop a sense of independence, build self-esteem and self-confidence, both necessary for success in school, the workforce and in life.

Sunshine Day Camp:  

LDAO-C offers a specialized summer day camp program that provides  social and recreational and educational opportunities designed to explicitly teach cognitive and social skills to children/youth (7 to 13) that have Learning Disabilities and/or ADHD and help maintain learning progressions/reduce learning deficits. LDAO-C recognizes that lagging social skills in children/youth is a 24 hour-a-day problem impacting many aspects of their everyday life. A child may spend a large portion of time in school but most of their life is outside of school hours. These are the critical hours when children report being friendless and lonely. These childhood experiences lay the foundation for possible substance abuse, criminal activity, and increased risk of dropping out of school. Research indicates that social skills are the ultimate determining factor in a child’s future success, happiness and acceptance.

You can help ...

100 children with Learning Disabilities access safe, caring and supportive programs that response to their unique needs.

Build their self confidence and reduce the stigma of having a learning disability.

Improve a child's opportunity to build their cognitive skills and social relationships.

Children with unique learning "Abilities" to have better chance to succeed in school and in life.

Thank you .

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