LED Africa Charitable Society

Registered Name: LEDAfrica Charitable Society

Business Number: 828779421RR0001

Our Mission

LED Africa is a non-profit charitable organization whose mission is to provide rural secondary schools in Malawi with solar powered classroom lighting systems as well as providing these schools with textbooks and basic science equipment.

Most rural secondary schools in Malawi have no access to electricity and due to their remoteness they are unlikely to have access to electricity for a fairly long time. Many of these schools have evening study sessions during which time they use paraffin or kerosene lanterns to provide the required lighting. The light provided by these lanterns is generally poor and the fuel is often unavailable or difficult to obtain. Smoke from the lanterns is a health problem for the students and at some schools, in order to limit costs; the lights are used for only part of the year. On top of this, from an environmental perspective, the lanterns are a source of greenhouse gas emissions. By providing solar powered classroom lighting in the evening to these schools, LED Africa will help the students with their studies and assist in improving their lives.

Starting in 2013, LED Africa is also providing these schools with textbooks and with basic science equipment.

For further information please visit: www.ledafrica.org

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