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Leftovers Foundation

Registered Name: Leftovers Foundation

Business Number: 782983522RR0001

Edmonton Eats

Campaign Ended March 21, 2020

EdmontonEats  connects local families and cultural groups with people seeking to learn more about the multicultural richness of Edmonton.  This is done through a series of dining and cultural awareness events.  Each event will focus on a different country.   The Local Hosts of the Culinary Events for the inaugural year of EdmontonEats will include Libya, Somalia, East Africa, Eritrea and Mexico.

The Idea

To translate the shared culinary experiences found worldwide to Edmonton, to promote connections between local citizens and increase money going into the local economy.

EdmontonEats will create connections between families interested in sharing their culinary expertise and other Edmontonians looking for unique connections and great food. Money from the meals created will go to local families, and EdmontonEats will provide the overall coordination and support to the families and manage the connection between them and their customers.

EdmontonEats is unique as a locally driven solution that seeks to empower families and neighbourhoods to develop sustainable solutions to their economic and social needs. EdmontonEats moves beyond providing social supports and creates opportunities for both direct economic opportunities for families and increased social connections and understanding amongst the diverse communities of Edmonton.

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