Lennon Recovery House


Business Number: 700609092RR0001

Lennon Recovery House Association Inc was established in March 2017.  It is incorporated under the PEI Companies Act, Part II as a non-profit organization.  It is the first charitable organization in Prince Edward Island to establish a client centred recovery home of its kind.  Lennon House is located in Rustico,which was made available through the kindness of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Charlottetown.  The locale and the program will meet specific needs of persons living with and recovering from substance abuse and the co-occurring mental health disorders.  It is especially designed for this individuals to heal and thrive in a safe familial environment and in an atmosphere of daily living with others in a spirit of cooperation, respect, and creativity.  Lennon Recovery House Association offers a number of alternative therapies and exercises, as well as individual and group counselling sessions as well as services catered to each individuals needs.  


Lennon Waterman was a young man who had his whole life ahead of him, time to spend with family and friends, working, marrying, and becoming a dad. All typical dreams for a young man but sadly not for Lennon.

Lennon's life was cut short in November 2013 when, at the age of 29 he died from suicide.  His death left his family and loved ones devastated.  This was not the way it was supposed to happen; children are not supposed to die before their parents.  

From the day he was born Lennon was a happy, loving, and sensitive boy.  He enjoyed the outdoors, was popular with his friends, was resourceful and hard working.  In the end, none of this mattered as he could not escape the selfish clutches of mental illness and addiction that had tried relentlessly since he was a teen-ager to lure him away.

In the years leading up to his death, Lennon's Mother Dianne watched as her beautiful son drifted further and further away, leaving only occasional glimpses of the Lennon everyone knew and loved, the one before the torture of schizophrenia and addiction took hold.  She worked tirelessly, as only a mother can, to get Lennon the help and support he needed.  From the time of his first drug-induced psychosis at 21 until his death at 29, Lennon spent time in hospitals, treatment facilities, and in the end, also jail.  Despite all this, his family never gave up or lost hope that he would one day get the help he needed to find recovery.  

On November 8, 2013, it all got to be too much for Lennon, and he ended his life.  Life would never be the same for Lennon's family.

The Power of Grief

 "Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness." Desmond Tutu

Grief of this magnitude has the power to destroy or strengthen. Leaning on her faith and compassion for others dealing with mental illness and addiction, Dianne has chose the latter.  She is determined to offer hope to others and has transformed her enormous grief and loss into passion and commitment which she is using to establish Lennon Recovery House.

Lennon Recovery House is dedicated to the memory of Lennon, and the many angels like him who struggled and lost. Lennon House honours the many mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters who have come forward since Lennon's death to share their heart breaking stories.  Living with addiction and mental illness, the tragic tole it has had on families and communities is the reason Lennon House exists today.

This is one mother's story, this is the story of many who have passed through our lives and those yet to come.  This is our story, help us change the ending for those coming after, help us turn loss into hope for other mother's and father's, brother's and sister's.

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