Local HERO Foundation

Registered Name: Local Helicopter Emergency Response Organization Foundation

Business Number: 818103566RR0001

COVID-19 Pandemic Fundraiser for Helicopter Emergency Medical Flights

Campaign Ends Aug. 31, 2020

During the pandemic, there are additional costs to keep the team safe i.e. personal protective equipment to be worn for every patient flight and for the helicopter decontamination afterwards (masks, gowns, eye wear, gloves, shoe covers, special disinfectants etc). 

This expense was not budgeted for.  As well, the charity's annual major fundraiser for money to cover the year's operational costs of medevac flights (fuel, maintenance and parts) had to be cancelled. 

During March, there were twice as many flights as expected, which drives up expenses for the program. It is expected that there will continue to be increased activity during the pandemic, at a time when the charity is unable to do its usual fundraising.

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